Peyton Parrish Wiki, Age, Bio, Height, Net Worth & More

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Peyton Parrish Wikipedia
Peyton Parrish Wikipedia

Peyton Parrish Wikipedia

American-born artist, social media star, and TikTok superstar Peyton Parrish is a multifaceted person. His claim to fame? Short, soulful singing videos that have captured the hearts of millions. What sets him apart is his versatility, delving into both metal and country music genres.

It wasn’t his intention to enter the realm of social media. His decision to join TikTok in February 2020 marked the start of it all. Observing its quick ascent, he saw a chance to reach a larger audience. He had no idea that it would propel him to popularity. Having amassed over three million followers, his choice to use the platform has changed the game.

Peyton’s narrative serves as an example of the value of grasping chances and utilizing novel venues. He has achieved incredible success in the social media sphere because to his adaptability and his love of music.

NamePeyton Parrish
Birth DateNovember 3, 1996
BirthplaceWashington, D.C
ProfessionMusician, TikTok star
Age27 years old
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight86 kg
GirlfriendNot Known
Marital StatusUnmarried
Eye ColorHazel Green
Hair ColorBlond
Mother NameNot Known
Father NameUnknown
Net Worth$3 Million

Who is Peyton Parrish?

Peyton Parrish became a viral success on TikTok thanks to his endearing vocals and endearing demeanor. His career started out with little films displaying his singing ability, which attracted a following of devoted followers who were moved by his sincere performances. With a knack for country and emotional music, Peyton’s unique style struck a chord with listeners across social media platforms. Today, he’s not just a singer, but a social media superstar and online personality, enchanting audiences with every post and melody.

Peyton Parrish Biography

He moved to Los Angeles with his family to complete his high school education. That’s where he discovered his love for music. At seventeen, he decided to fulfill his passion and continue his studies by moving to Washington to get his bachelor’s degree.

Peyton Parrish Age

Peyton came into this world on a crisp November 3rd morning back in 1996, right in the heart of Washington, D.C., USA. He was welcomed by his American parents, who raised him with love and care in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Fast forward to 2023, and Peyton is a sprightly 27-year-old, still navigating his journey through life with all its twists and turns.

Early Life and Education

Janel Parrish, born on a beautiful October day in 1988, right in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii. Her folks, Joanne and Mark, weren’t your run-of-the-mill parents—they were former bodybuilders, talk about setting the bar high! Janel and her sis Melissa grew up in this super diverse household, with their mom bringing in the Han Chinese flair and their dad adding a mix of Irish, English, and German spice.

Now, Janel’s love affair with showbiz started early. She caught a production of “The Phantom of the Opera” as a kid, and bam! She was hooked. She threw herself into piano lessons and everything acting, singing, and dancing, drawn by the allure of theater.

She began her education at Moanalua Elementary and then attended Moanalua High, where she enjoyed Hawaii’s sun and sea wind. But she had more ahead of her in life. In the early 2000s, the Parrish fam made the decision to change things up and moved to Burbank, California. Janel switched from regular courses to homeschooling there, allowing her the flexibility to pursue her aspirations in Hollywood.

And that, my friends, is just the start of Janel Parrish’s journey—a story filled with skill, passion, and tenacity. Who knew that a passion for musicals could result in an experience this amazing

Peyton Parrish’s Family

Peyton Parrish’s dad is pretty well-known around town for his business smarts, but folks aren’t quick to drop his name. Same goes for Peyton’s mom, who takes care of the home front without much fanfare. Peyton’s a bit tight-lipped about his family, you know? Doesn’t spill the beans on his relatives or if he’s got any siblings.

But every now and then, Peyton lets us peek into his family life through those sweet snapshots he shares on Instagram and other socials. So, if there’s ever any news about his family background, you bet he’ll be filling us in ASAP.

Peyton Parrish Net Worth

Peyton Parrish is expected to see her internet worth climb past $3 million by 2023. Her many abilities, which include singing, record sales, live performances, songwriting, acting in movies, brand endorsements, and business endeavors, account for a sizeable portion of her income.

In terms of personal life, Peyton married chemical engineer Chris Long in 2018. Their love story began two years prior to their marriage, adding a sweet touch to their journey.

In 2019, Peyton made a significant real estate move by purchasing a home in the picturesque Studio City, California, for $2.299 million. Fast forward to October 2023, and she decided to put this lovely abode up for sale, listing it at $3.2 million, reflecting both her keen sense of investment and perhaps a change in her personal circumstances or preferences.

Peyton Parrish’s Personal Life

Peyton Parrish is just something else, you know? He’s out there doing it all – singing his heart out, rocking TikTok, and influencing folks left and right on social media. But what really makes him stand out is his music. He’s got this incredible talent for mixing metal, country, and Viking vibes into his tunes, and let me tell you, it’s got millions of people hooked.

Remember that rendition he did of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla song “My Mother Told Me”? That was the one that really put him on the map, especially after it got featured on Vikings. But he hasn’t stopped there. Peyton’s dropped album after album, EP after EP, each one bringing something new to the table. From “Cowboy Man” to “Rise of Vikingr” to “The Most Magical Album on Earth,” he’s always pushing boundaries and taking his fans on a wild musical journey.


Peyton Parrish had a strong desire to pursue music when he returned to his hometown of Washington, D.C., but at initially, it wasn’t easy. He faced so many roadblocks. But you know what? Peyton’s got this resilience that just won’t quit. He didn’t let those challenges hold him back.

So, what did he do? He went ahead and enrolled in a music school. Smart move, right? But that’s not all. Peyton started teaching music, too, while hustling to get gigs with bands and even auditioning for TV shows. Talk about determination!

Then, in 2012, on a freezing December day, Peyton made the decision to make himself known on YouTube. He made a big impression when he made his own channel! His debut video was a 2016 cold-weather rendition of Kane Brown’s “Used To Love You Sober,” which was uploaded to the website.

After then, things really got going.  Peyton’s covers and original music videos began getting attention, and before he knew it, he was gaining subscribers left and right. People couldn’t get enough of his talent!

But Peyton wasn’t just about YouTube. Nope, he traveled to TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook with his program. He took his music, his dances, and his contagious spirit with him everywhere he went. And you know what happened? He became a sensation!

Peyton Parrish is now more than simply a musician. He is one of the most powerful people in the world of online entertainment. And it all started with a man who dared not give up on his dreams despite extreme difficulties.

Stage Career

Parrish kicked off her journey in showbiz at a tender age, gracing the stage with her talent. Her debut was as Young Cosette in a traveling rendition of “Les Misérables,” later landing a stint on Broadway in ’96. Embracing her love for theater, she delved into community productions back home in Hawaii, shining in classics like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Here’s Love.”

Transitioning to screens in the early 2000s, Parrish explored the realms of TV and film. However, the call of the stage beckoned her back, and in 2012, she mesmerized audiences as Anna in “Spring Awakening.” Soon, she was captivating theatergoers in “Cruel Intentions: The Musical,” “A Walk to Remember: The Musical,” and even crossing borders for a Canadian rendition of “Grease.”

Her silver screen journey commenced with a splash in 2007’s “Bratz,” followed by memorable roles in “Fired Up!” and “April Showers.” With “Triple Dog,” her foray into the thriller genre, she demonstrated her flexibility. A high point in her career, the 2018 mega song “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” elevated her to prominence. Parrish continued to give a standout performance in films including “Tiger,” “Hell is Where the Home Is,” and the heartfelt “Mighty Oak.”

Her charm and skill also offered thrills in “The Ray” and graced holiday screens in the 2021 romantic comedy “Christmas is Cancelled.” Parrish establishes herself as a formidable presence in every part, enthralling audiences with her pure talent and making a lasting impression on the entertainment industry.

Other Media Appearances

In addition to her appearances in the media, Parrish has been featured on the covers of several fashion magazines such as Luca, Vulkan, Modeliste, and Nationalist. She’s also shared her love for various beauty and wellness products on Instagram, partnering with brands like Glade and Robitussin.

Song In Vikings TV Program

He burst onto the scene with his song “My Mother Told Me” making its debut on The Vikings TV series. That moment marked the beginning of a whirlwind journey for him. He soon began releasing singles quickly and enthralling people with his own sound. He didn’t make his formal debut with his album “Cowboy Man,” which included an astounding 29 tracks, until May 2020. And the momentum didn’t stop there; shortly after came his second album, “Vaccine.”

With over 20 singles under his belt, he’s been a prolific force in the music scene. By 2022, he had already dropped several singles while also gifting fans with his third album, “The Roll of the Old Chariot Along,” in July. But it was his second studio album, “Rise of Vikingr,” released in August 2022, that truly showcased his growth, featuring collaborations with stellar artists like Tommy Vext, David Michael Frank, and Mia Asano.

The year 2023 marked another milestone with the release of his third studio album, “The Most Amazing Record in the History of Earth.” It was a departure from his previous works, as it prominently featured a single musician. This album, unveiled in May, demonstrated his versatility and willingness to push artistic boundaries. He also worked with the gifted Jonathan Young on the EP “Barrett’s Privateers,” which had six catchy tunes that demonstrated their synergy.

Throughout his musical career, he’s had the honor of collaborating with notable musicians such as Jonathan Young, Caleb Hyles, Colm R. McGuinness, and many more, confirming his standing as a versatile and recognized musician in the business.

Peyton Parrish’s Social media 

Peyton Parrish entered the realm of social media in February 2020. Why not join the TikTok trend, he reasoned? Peyton was determined not to miss out on the conversation that seemed to be centered around it. And believe me when I say that he truly struck gold!

Starting out with these quick, catchy music videos on TikTok, all his own creations. And you know what? People went crazy for them! Some of his videos just exploded, going viral in no time. Before he knew it, he had this huge following. It was beyond his wildest dreams! So, Peyton just kept doing what he loved, pumping out more of those infectious singing videos.

And let me tell you, he was on fire! His videos were popping up everywhere on TikTok’s Explore page, and the likes? Oh, they were pouring in by the millions. Pretty impressive, right?

But wait, there’s more! Peyton also has his own dedicated YouTube channel. He likes to keep his music videos exclusive to YouTube, you know, to make them extra special. And guess what? He’s nearly hit a million subscribers over there! Plus, his videos? The number of views for them is around 275 million. Yes, you heard correctly!

Peyton is now gaining a lot of popularity on TikTok and YouTube by promoting his music and ensuring that everyone is dancing to it.


  1. Birth and Early Life: Peyton Parrish was born on November 3, 1996, in Washington, D.C., United States. He showed a passion for music from a young age and pursued it actively during his high school years.
  2. Musical Career: Parrish began his musical journey by posting covers and original songs on YouTube, gradually gaining popularity. He later ventured into TikTok, where his short singing videos garnered millions of views and followers.
  3. Genre and Style: Known for his versatility, Parrish is skilled in various genres including metal, country, and Viking music. His rendition of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla song “My Mother Told Me” gained widespread attention, especially after being featured in the TV show Vikings.
  4. Album Releases: Parrish has released several albums and singles, including “Cowboy Man,” “Rise of Vikingr,” and “The Most Magical Album on Earth,” showcasing his eclectic musical style.
  5. Social Media Presence: Peyton Parrish has a significant presence on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube, where he shares his music and interacts with fans. He has millions of followers across these platforms.
  6. Personal Life: Parrish maintains a level of privacy regarding his family background, but occasionally shares snapshots with his family on social media. In 2018, he married Chris Long, a chemical engineer.


Peyton Parrish is a musician, TikTok star, and social media influencer hailing from Washington, D.C., United States. He gained fame through his viral singing videos on TikTok and has since released multiple albums showcasing his diverse musical talents. Parrish’s ability to blend different genres like metal, country, and Viking music has earned him a dedicated fanbase across various social media platforms.


What is Peyton Parrish’s real name?

Peyton Parrish goes by his real name across social media platforms and his music career.

How did Peyton Parrish gain fame?

Parrish gained fame through his viral singing videos on TikTok, where he showcased his musical talents and garnered millions of followers.

What genres of music is Peyton Parrish known for?

Peyton Parrish is known for his versatility in various genres including metal, country, and Viking music.

Does Peyton Parrish have any albums or singles?

Yes, Peyton Parrish has released several albums and singles, including “Cowboy Man,” “Rise of Vikingr,” and “The Most Magical Album on Earth.”

What is Peyton Parrish’s social media presence like?

Peyton Parrish has a significant presence on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, where he shares his music and interacts with fans. He has millions of followers across these platforms.

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