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ayla woodruff age
ayla woodruff age

Ayla Woodruff is a well-known social media influencer and YouTuber hailing from the USA. She’s gained fame through her YouTube channel, where she generously shares glimpses of her life. Her content covers a wide array of topics, including her lifestyle, fitness journey, travel adventures, and modeling endeavors.

What makes Ayla stand out is her dedication to fitness, which she openly discusses in her videos. She not only shares her fitness-related challenges but also offers viewers healthy recipes to shed those unwanted pounds.

Adding a touch of humor to her content, Ayla occasionally treats her audience to comedic videos on her YouTube channel, showcasing her playful side.

Interestingly, Ayla’s career also has roots in acting; she ventured into the world of acting back in 2003. Moreover, she has expanded her portfolio by participating in web series.

It’s clear that Ayla is a fitness enthusiast and an avid traveler, with a passion for exploring the world. Through her various forms of media, she invites her followers to join her on this exciting journey of life.

Ayla Woodrudd Age, Height, And Body Measurement

As of 2023, Ayla Woodruff is a youthful 30 years old, with her birthdate falling on August 26, 1992. Born under the sign of Virgo, she embodies the qualities associated with this zodiac sign – meticulous, hardworking, and with a keen eye for detail.

In the world of modeling, height often takes the spotlight, but Ayla Woodruff, standing at 4 feet 11 inches, has defied the naysayers and shown that talent and creativity are equally vital in this industry.

She maintains a delicate weight of approximately 93 pounds, which is around 42 kilograms, showcasing her commitment to health and fitness. Ayla’s beauty is further enhanced by her captivating brown eyes, complementing her stunning blonde hair. These unique attributes are what make her stand out and shine in the world of fashion and modeling.

Who is Ayla Woodruff?

In the realm of burgeoning beauty and social influence, one finds Ayla Woodruff, a resplendent American model, influencer, and artisan of social media content, who skillfully integrates her captivating persona with meticulously crafted social media graphics to leave an indelible mark in the digital landscape. Born on the 26th day of August in the idyllic setting of Flagstaff, Arizona, the tapestry of her life now spans 31 years, while her physical stature graces us at a modest 5 feet and 2 inches.

The allure of her aesthetic and her innate talent have ensnared the affections of countless admirers. Swiftly ascending the echelons of the fashion and social media domain, Ayla, with her singular artistic expression and captivating narratives, is etching an indelible imprint on the landscape. The trajectory of her future unfurls before us, replete with the promise of grandeur and triumph.

Ayla Woodruff Childhood 

Ayla’s origins can be traced back to Flagstaff, where she shared her formative years with her siblings Blake and Trevor, along with her sister Riana. Intriguingly, her parents have deliberately shied away from the limelight, opting for a more secluded existence, shielded from the prying eyes of the media.

Their familial unit eventually resettled in San Diego, primarily driven by the opportunity that beckoned Blake – a role in the 2003 cinematic production, “Cheaper by the Dozen.” While Ayla, too, had her moment in the movie, her scenes, regrettably, ended up on the editing room’s floor.

Ayla’s journey toward her aspirations began to crystallize during her attendance at Aguora High School. It was within those hallowed halls that she initially conceived her future as a renowned model. In preparation for her impending career, she engaged in a myriad of athletic pursuits, dabbled in the art of gymnastics, and even ventured into the realm of track and field to maintain her physical prowess and readiness.

Upon her high school graduation in 2010, she embarked on the next chapter of her academic voyage at Moorpark Community College, culminating in the acquisition of her Bachelor’s degree in 2013. Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge did not cease there. She pressed onward with her educational odyssey at Loyola Marymount University, emerging with a Master’s degree in the intricacies of human resources management in 2015.

In addition to these academic accomplishments, Ayla also boasts a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the venerable University of California. Her unwavering commitment to education serves as a testament to her unyielding resolve to succeed and chart her own unique course in life.


Ayla Woodruff made her entrance into this realm on the 26th of August in the year 1992, within the lively and renowned confines of the United States. She stands as the cherished offspring of Diana Woodruff and Brian Woodruff, and her formative years wove a tapestry of enchanting experiences alongside her siblings – Trevor Woodruff, Blake Woodruff, and Raina Woodruff.

As she matured, Ayla embarked on her scholastic voyage at Agoura High School, progressing to her academic odyssey at the University of California, San Diego. With unwavering resolve and elegance, she secured a bachelor’s degree in psychology, specializing in the intricate realm of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Ayla’s relentless pursuit of wisdom and the blossoming of her professional career serve as a testament to her remarkable journey.


Full Name (Real Name)Ayla Marie Woodruff
Height4 ft 11 inches
Weight42 kgs
MeasurementNot revealed
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorDark brown
Date of BirthAugust 26th, 1992
Age29 years
Zodiac SignVirgo
Birth PlaceFlagstaff, Arizona
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California
High SchoolAgoura High school
CollegeMoorpark Community College, California
OccupationActor, YouTuber, Model
AwardsNot revealed
Net Worth$300,000
Annual IncomeNot revealed
FatherBrian Woodruff
MotherDiana Woodruff
Brother(s)Blake Woodruff, Trevor Woodruff
SisterRaina Woodruff
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusUnmarried
InstagramAyla Woodruff’s Instagram
FacebookAyla Woodruff’s Facebook
TwitterAyla Woodruff’s Twitter
YouTubeAyla Woodruff’s YouTube
Last Updated2022


Ayla Woodruff’s scholastic odyssey is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Her educational voyage commenced with her graduation from Agoura High School in the sunny climes of California in May 2010, thereby heralding the inception of her academic pursuits.

Subsequently, she embarked on a relentless pursuit of knowledge at Moorpark Community College in California, where she exhibited unwavering diligence and proudly culminated her educational journey with the acquisition of her diploma in the year 2013. However, Ayla’s thirst for wisdom was far from quenched; she remained resolute in her quest.

In the year 2015, she set her sights on the realm of HR management at Loyola Marymount University, thereby presenting an irrefutable testament to her enduring commitment to personal growth and self-cultivation.

To add the crowning jewel to her educational diadem, Ayla also holds the distinction of a bachelor’s degree in the domain of industrial and occupational psychology, having graduated from the venerable halls of the University of California, San Diego. Her acquisition of multiple degrees stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication to the pursuit of knowledge, making her an undisputed paragon of erudition and a respected luminary in the realm of the United States.

Family: Parents, Spouse, Siblings, Children

In the annals of Woodruff lineage, Ayla Woodruff assumes the venerated position of primogeniture. She graced the world as the inaugural offspring of her devoted progenitors, Brian Woodruff and Diana Woodruff. The Woodruff clan, an intimate and interconnected kinship, further includes her sibling Raina Woodruff, along with her two male consanguineous comrades, Trevor Woodruff and Blake Woodruff.

Remarkably, Blake Woodruff, one of her fraternal brethren, ventured into the realm of celebrity, etching his presence in the cinematic opus known as “Cheaper than the Dozens.” Both of Ayla’s brothers, in a convergence of artistic proclivity, have carved their niche within the entertainment realm as thespians par excellence, thereby underscoring the Woodruff family’s creative oeuvre.

In the realm of matters amatory, Ayla remains unburdened by the marital yoke. Yet, the enigmatic tendrils of romance have purportedly entwined her with the burgeoning American YouTube luminary and actor, Kian Lawley. Insofar as the intricate tapestry of their romantic entanglement is concerned, rest assured that we shall disseminate the latest tidings as soon as they come to our attention. Love, the capricious muse, unfurls its enchanting panorama, and in kind, Ayla’s personal voyage mirrors the intrigue inherent in her professional voyage.

Professional Life

Ayla’s journey into the world of modeling and entertainment was a dream she’d carried from her early days, inspired by the glamour, fashion, and luxury that celebrities often radiate. As soon as she wrapped up her studies, she knew it was time to chase that dream.

To kickstart her career, Ayla began by working as the personal assistant (PA) to the famous celebrity, Logan Paul. This job provided her with invaluable experience and insights into the industry. However, in August 2017, she decided to move on from this role, citing Logan Paul’s often aggressive behavior in the media, including moments of screaming and plate-smashing.

Ayla took a significant step in her own media journey by posting her first video on her YouTube channel in May 2017, aptly titled “Intro to My YouTube – Ayla Woodruff.” This video garnered a commendable 893k views and set the stage for her content creation endeavors.

Her YouTube channel reflects her diverse interests, with a strong focus on comedy, travel, fitness, and various other engaging topics. Over time, she’s managed to amass a large and dedicated fan base, with over 783k subscribers and a remarkable 22 million views on her channel, despite having uploaded only 35 videos thus far.

Net Worth 2023

In the realm of modeling and YouTube content creation, Ayla Woodruff has undeniably carved out a prominent niche for herself, marking her presence as of September 2023. Her financial standing, a considerable sum hovering around $300,000, serves as a testament to her creative journey, which is as intricate as it is lucrative.

A meticulous examination of her YouTube channel, as per data furnished by SocialBlade.com, reveals a monthly revenue spectrum spanning from $25 to a substantial $396. This equates to an annual earnings range that oscillates between $297 and an impressive $4.8k. This financial continuum aptly mirrors the growing sphere of her fame and the engagement level of her discerning audience.

Nonetheless, Ayla’s financial prosperity is not solely a byproduct of her digital endeavors. She further augments her fiscal success through lucrative brand affiliations. These partnerships, featuring renowned entities such as WildFox, LF Stores, Meskhi, Public Desire, and BandEnergy, not only boost her earnings but also expand her sway in the realms of fashion and lifestyle. Ayla Woodruff’s triumph story stands as an exemplar of inspiration for budding models and content creators, convincingly illustrating that unwavering commitment and imaginative flair can indeed foster personal and financial prosperity.

Hobbies and other interests

Ayla’s unwavering commitment to physical well-being stands as a truly remarkable testament. She allocates a substantial portion of her leisure hours to the rigors of the gym, ceaselessly perspiring in pursuit of her fitness goals. What elevates her accomplishments to the pinnacle of impressiveness, however, is her steadfast resolve to inspire and motivate her admirers through her Instagram platform. Here, she generously shares snapshots and video clips from her arduous workout regimens, transcending the mere chronicle of her fitness journey to serve as a wellspring of inspiration for those on the cusp of their own athletic odysseys.

Moving beyond the boundaries of fitness, Ayla finds solace in an array of personal passions. Her ardent devotion extends to the world of digital content, where she indulges in the creations of various YouTube luminaries. Foremost among her favorite creators is the effervescent Liza Koshy, her discerning appreciation of the work of her peers lending a breath of fresh air to the online content landscape.

Ayla’s affections are by no means confined to the digital realm; they also extend to the realm of the furry and the four-legged. She is an ardent aficionado of canines, with her cherished companion, Blue, often taking center stage in her Instagram vignettes. So deep is her bond with Blue that she has dedicated an exclusive Instagram handle to this four-legged friend, serving as a testament to the extraordinary connection they share.

In the multifaceted tapestry of Ayla’s life, she emerges as a polymath with a plethora of professional experiences to her credit. Her journey encompasses roles as a mixologist, an educator in the hallowed halls of academia, and a masterful orchestrator of events, among other diverse vocations. Ayla’s versatility is indeed deserving of commendation and admiration.

When it comes to her culinary predilections, Ayla’s palate leans towards the exotic, savoring the delicate nuances of Thai and Continental gastronomy. The gustatory odyssey that ensues when she embarks on these epicurean adventures is a source of perennial delight.

In her moments of reprieve, Ayla finds solace in the world of cinematic artistry. The charismatic performances of Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway hold her in thrall, firmly ensconced as her favorite actresses. The cinema that leaves an indelible imprint on her heart includes cinematic gems such as “The Runaway Bride,” “Notting Hill,” and “One Day.” Evidently, Ayla’s interests extend beyond the realm of content creation to embrace the enchantment of the arts and the mesmerism of the silver screen. Her array of interests and passions render her a multi-dimensional, relatable luminary within the sphere of social media.

Relationship Status

In the realm of public figures, Ayla distinguishes herself with an unparalleled candor regarding her personal and amorous affairs. She possesses a captivating transparency. A while ago, she entangled her heart with Mackenzie Dae, a luminary in the domains of modeling and social media. The narrative of their connection retains an aura of enigma, shrouding the specifics of their initial rendezvous and rendezvous locales.

However, narratives of affection don’t invariably culminate in fairy-tale conclusions. In the year 2018, the duo opted to embark on separate journeys, citing disparities in their inherent dispositions as the impetus. The termination of any affectionate bond is invariably a trying juncture, and Ayla, in the aftermath of their estrangement, chose to convey her sentiments through a video designated as “The Rationale Behind My Departure.” This medium serves as a window into her unfiltered authenticity, disclosing her personal odyssey to her audience.

In the present juncture, Ayla stands solitary, content with her solitude. Her knack for preserving her personal existence beyond the media’s intrusive gaze is a testament to her mettle. Her social media platforms remain devoid of any insinuations or speculations about newfound romances, bearing testament to her tenacity and her capability to insulate her private affairs in a world where the microcosms of celebrities are ceaselessly exhibited. Ayla’s focal point appears to be her vocation and the preservation of her own well-being, a praiseworthy approach to existence.

Social Media

Amidst her tightly packed schedule, Ayla places a premium on maintaining a strong connection with her global admirers. It is unmistakably evident that this luminary places great importance on her followers and is committed to sustaining an ongoing dialogue. You can locate her in active participation on renowned social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Upon Instagram, she has garnered a staggering 1.6 million devotees. Her Instagram feed serves as a portal to her world, a realm where she provides glimpses into her life and interacts with her ardent supporters.

YouTube emerges as yet another stage where Ayla truly shines. Boasting a subscriber base of 783k, her YouTube channel stands as a nucleus for her content, and it is palpable that she commands a fervent following that takes pleasure in her video presentations.

Furthermore, on Twitter, she maintains contact with a substantial 49.8 thousand followers. Her Twitter profile serves as the conduit through which she conveys her musings, updates, and exchanges with her aficionados.

Ayla’s dynamic presence on these platforms not only serves as a testament to her fame but also underscores her unwavering dedication to nurturing connections with those who champion her odyssey. It serves as a poignant reminder that even within the whirlwind domain of entertainment, the cultivation of authentic bonds with one’s audience remains paramount.


Early Life: Ayla Woodruff was born on August 26, 1992, in Flagstaff, Arizona, and raised alongside her siblings Blake, Trevor, and Raina.

Educational Achievements: Ayla holds a Master’s degree in human resources management and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, specializing in industrial and organizational psychology.

Modeling Career: Ayla pursued her dream of becoming a model and has worked with well-known brands such as WildFox, LF Stores, Meskhi, Public Desire, and BandEnergy.

Fitness Enthusiast: Ayla is dedicated to fitness and often shares her fitness journey and healthy recipes on her YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel: Ayla’s YouTube channel features content on various topics, including lifestyle, travel, fitness, and comedy. She has a substantial following with over 783k subscribers.

Acting Career: Ayla ventured into acting, appearing in the movie “Cheaper by the Dozen” alongside her brother Blake.

Relationships: Ayla has been in a public relationship with fellow social media personality Mackenzie Dae.

Pet Lover: Ayla is a devoted dog lover and shares her life with her canine companion, Blue.

Culinary Interests: She enjoys exotic cuisines, particularly Thai and Continental gastronomy.

Favorite Actresses: Ayla admires the performances of Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway, with favorite films including “The Runaway Bride,” “Notting Hill,” and “One Day.”


Ayla Woodruff is a versatile social media influencer, model, and YouTuber who hails from Flagstaff, Arizona. Her journey from a dedicated student to a successful content creator and model is marked by hard work, education, and a passion for fitness. She has cultivated a strong online presence with a substantial following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, where she shares glimpses of her life, fitness tips, and more. Ayla’s dedication to her craft, transparency about her personal life, and multifaceted interests make her a relatable and inspiring figure in the world of social media.


Who is Ayla Woodruff?

Ayla Woodruff is a social media influencer, model, and YouTuber from the USA known for her diverse content, including fitness, travel, and comedy.

What is Ayla Woodruff’s educational background?

Ayla has a Master’s degree in human resources management and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, specializing in industrial and organizational psychology.

What are Ayla’s favorite cuisines?

Ayla enjoys Thai and Continental gastronomy.

Does Ayla have any siblings?

Yes, Ayla has two brothers, Blake and Trevor, and a sister named Raina.

Has Ayla Woodruff appeared in any movies or TV shows?

Ayla had a role in the movie “Cheaper by the Dozen” alongside her brother Blake.

Who is Ayla’s favorite actress?

Ayla admires Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway and has a preference for films like “The Runaway Bride” and “Notting Hill.”

What is Ayla’s pet’s name?

Ayla is a dog lover and her canine companion is named Blue.

What are Ayla’s major social media platforms?

Ayla is active on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, where she connects with her followers and shares her life.

What is Ayla Woodruff’s relationship status?

Ayla’s most recent public relationship was with Mackenzie Dae, but as of now, she appears to be single.

How did Ayla start her modeling career?

Ayla began her modeling career by working with various well-known brands, including WildFox, LF Stores, Meskhi, Public Desire, and BandEnergy.

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