Who is Carley Shimkus, Age, children, husband, height, salary, profiles, net worth

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Carley Shimkus
Carley Shimkus

Who is Carley Shimkus

Carley Shimkus is a familiar face to many as an American TV correspondent, celebrated for her contributions as a producer and news anchor. Her journey in the media world notably includes her time at Fox News, where she showcased her versatility by reporting on stories featured on Fox & Friends and First Fox & Friends.

With her sharp intellect and dedication, Carley swiftly ascended the ranks, starting as an assistant producer shortly after joining Fox following her graduation. Although initially known for her work behind the scenes, she gradually stepped into the limelight with occasional on-screen appearances. As her on-air presence grew, she cemented her role as 24/7 Headlines’ go-to correspondent.

Carley Shimkus is a renowned person in the media world; her progress in the field is a credit to her ability and dedication.

Carley Shimkus bio

In case you were wondering how old Carley Shimkus is, her real birthday is November 7, 1986, which makes her 32 years old at this point. She tried her hand at modeling when she was a teenager since she was the right height and appearance. But occasionally, you know how it is, things just don’t work out. So, she decided to leave that behind.

She left for college and attended Quinnipiac University before spending a semester at George Washington University in 2008. Thanks to some really tough lessons, that’s where she really started her career in journalism. She had majored in broadcast journalism for her Bachelor of Arts degree and was prepared to enter the industry.

Even before she graduated, Carley landed an internship at the Fox office in Washington D.C. during her junior year. And guess what? That led to a job offer once she got her diploma.

In 2009, she began her career as a news journalist and advanced through the ranks. She was killing it as Fox Business Network’s Associate Producer by 2012. She was also managing her work as Imus in the Morning’s associate producer. It is evident that she has a bright future in front of her. Definitely keep an eye on her!


Full nameCarley Noelle Shimkus
NicknameCarley Shimkus
Date of birth7th November 1986
Birthday7th November
Age35 years (As of July 2022)
Zodiac signScorpio
Place of birthLong Valley, New Jersey, USA
EthnicityWhite Caucasian descent
Hair colourBlonde
Eye colourBlue
Weight in kg54 kg
Weight in pounds119 lbs
Height in cm178 cm
Height in feet5’10”
Shoe size10
OccupationTV correspondent, news anchor, producer
Famous forBeing the news reporter on the Fox News Channel
Highest educational qualificationGraduate
Alma materQuinnipiac University, George Washington University
FatherEdward Shimkus
MotherZulma M Shimkus
SisterMargot Shimkus
Marital statusMarried
SpousePeter Buchignani

Carley Shimkus’ age

Carly, the lovely host on Fox, hails from Long Valley, New Jersey, born as Carley Noelle Shimkus on November 7th, 1986. Being the youngest in her family, she brings her unique charm to the screen. As of July 2022, Carly celebrated her thirty-fifth birthday, adding another year of experience and grace to her persona.

Carley Shimkus’ education

In 2005, Carly enrolled at Quinnipiac University, prepared to take on the rigorous world of academics. 2009, four years later, she proudly stepped across the stage with her heart full of joy following her graduation with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her love of narrative led her to concentrate on radio journalism, where she honed her skills in crafting gripping tales that held the attention of listeners.

Carly’s curiosity didn’t end there, either. She was eager to take in fresh insights and experiences, so in 2008 she made the decision to change things up and spend a year at George Washington University.

Carly gave her all to her studies during her time in college, with each class and lecture shaping the person she is now—a self-assured, driven girl prepared to take on the world.

Carley Shimkus parents

The fascinating narrative of Carley Shimkus’ family began in 1982 with a fortuitous meeting on an aircraft. Zulma M. and Edward, her parents, first came into contact when her father—a passenger—met her mother—a flight attendant. After their chance encounter, they developed a long-lasting romantic relationship that gave birth to Carley and her sister Margot.

In addition to being a beloved family member, Carley’s sister Margot is a talented pianist and teacher. Her love of teaching and music is evident in all she does, positively impacting everyone in her path.

Together, Carley’s family embodies love, talent, and the beauty of unexpected beginnings. Their story serves as a reminder of the magic that can unfold when two hearts collide in the most unexpected of places.

Carley Shimkus’ net worth

Shimkus is estimated to have a net worth ranging from $1 million to $2 million. Her main source of income comes from her work as a media personality.

Carley Shimkus husband

Let me introduce you to Peter Buchignani, the lovely media personality’s husband, in case you’ve ever been inquisitive about their love life. Their journey started when she was just 23 years old, and destiny united them. Following a few years of courtship, they made the decision to get married.

Allow me to briefly introduce you to Peter. He’s not your usual businessman; he’s intelligent in addition to being talented. His remarkable career began after he graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Political Science. He has established a reputation for himself in the financial industry with companies like Barclays Capital and Deutsche Bank. He’s currently working at Amherst Pierpont as a sales analyst, where he’s putting his abilities to good use.

Carley Shimkus measurements

In addition to being an exceptionally talented writer, Carley Shimkus is a reporter for Fox News and very gorgeous. She obviously has a nice physique, standing five feet ten inches tall, weighing one hundred and twenty-eight pounds, and having a waist circumference of twenty-four inches. It should come as no surprise that she attempted modeling prior to her journalism career truly taking off.

Watching Carley on screen is always intriguing. Her dedication to delivering unique and valuable content to viewers is evident in every broadcast. Finding out about her personal life simply serves to enhance her allure and make it simpler to relate to her when she appears on television. It’s certainly worthwhile for journalists to keep a watch on her.

Carley Shimkus early life

Carley Shimkus, she’s got this real knack for storytelling, right? Well, she really polished that skill studying Broadcast Journalism at Quinnipiac University. But get this, she also dipped her toes into the scene at George Washington University for a bit. Variety is the spice of life, they say!

Now, let’s talk about her folks. Her mom, Zulma M. Shimkus, is a flight attendant, and her dad, Edward, is all about the business world. Funny story, they actually met on a plane! Imagine that, love at 30,000 feet. Anyway, her mom’s still flying high while her dad’s doing his thing in the business world.

And Carley’s got a sis too, Margot Shimkus. She’s settled in the Big Apple, teaching art to eager minds. Margot did her time at the College of New Jersey, really diving into the art world.

So yeah, Carley’s got this eclectic mix of family backgrounds, but it all adds up to her unique flair for journalism. It’s like she’s got storytelling in her blood or something!

Carley Shimkus career

Carley Shimkus is not your typical reporter; she has a visually arresting presence that is difficult to ignore. She has the “wow” factor, standing 1.78 meters tall and weighing 54 kg.  And her figure? Well, let’s just say it’s definitely got people talking, with measurements like 32B-34-24-35.

But Shimkus’s journey to where she is today wasn’t all about glamour. She dabbled in modeling briefly but quickly realized it wasn’t her thing, especially after a few gigs for a costume store. Instead, she found her true calling in journalism, and boy, has she made her mark!

Remember the elections in November 2018? Yeah, Shimkus was there, covering the evening section like a pro, chatting with voters as the results rolled in. It’s moments like these that remind you why she’s such a force in the media world.

In 2007, she began her career as an associate producer for “Imus In the Morning.” After that, her trip to Fox News in 2009 was quite quick. From her start as a journalist there, she went on to land roles on popular programs including “Mediabuzz,” “Fox & Friends,” and “Fox & Friends First.” She moved up the ranks after that, getting hired in 2012 as an associate producer at Fox Business Network, and now she’s becoming well-known for her trending news coverage.

But it’s not just about what you see on screen—Shimkus has also shared her wisdom in Fox News Magazine’s web videos. Ever heard of “My Big Fat Digital Wedding”? Yup, that’s her, giving brides-to-be some invaluable advice.

Shimkus has been at Fox for over ten years, so she’s not only a well-known face; she also has a $1 million net worth. Furthermore, there’s little question that she will continue to succeed in the journalism industry given her commitment to excellence and her audience-connecting skills.

Carley Shimkus’ baby

This pair has been living the dream since they married the wedding in 2013. Their love story began back then. In June 2022, their daughter Zoe will turn two years old. She is the joy of their lives. They can’t resist sharing priceless moments of their young child with their fans on social media, despite the fact that their accounts mostly highlight their exploits as celebrities.


Carley Shimkus is a prominent American TV correspondent, producer, and news anchor, best known for her work at Fox News. Born on November 7, 1986, in Long Valley, New Jersey, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism from Quinnipiac University. Shimkus started her career as an intern at Fox News in 2008 and steadily climbed the ranks to become a news correspondent, associate producer at Fox Business Network, and eventually a well-respected news anchor.

In addition to her professional achievements, Shimkus is recognized for her striking appearance, standing tall at 5’10” with blonde hair and blue eyes. She briefly pursued modeling before finding her passion in journalism. She is married to Peter Buchignani, a businessman, and they have a daughter named Zoe.


  1. Early Life: Shimkus was born to Zulma M and Edward Shimkus. Her parents met on a plane where her mother worked as a flight attendant and her father was a passenger. She has a sister named Margot, who is a musician and teacher.
  2. Education: She attended Quinnipiac University and George Washington University, majoring in Broadcast Journalism.
  3. Career: Shimkus began her career at Fox News as an intern in 2008 and later became a news correspondent. She has appeared on various Fox News programs, including Fox & Friends and Mediabuzz. She currently serves as a news anchor and producer.
  4. Personal Life: She is married to Peter Buchignani, whom she met at the age of 23. They have a daughter named Zoe.
  5. Physical Attributes: Shimkus is 5’10” tall, weighs around 54 kg (119 lbs), and has measurements of 34-24-35. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.


What is Carley Shimkus’s age?

Carley Shimkus was born on November 7, 1986, making her 35 years old as of July 2022.

What is Carley Shimkus’s educational background?

Shimkus graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism from Quinnipiac University and also attended George Washington University for a semester.

Who is Carley Shimkus married to?

Carley Shimkus is married to Peter Buchignani, a businessman.

Does Carley Shimkus have children?

Yes, Carley Shimkus and Peter Buchignani have a daughter named Zoe, who turned two in June 2022.

What is Carley Shimkus’s net worth?

Shimkus’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $2 million, primarily from her career as a media personality.

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