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fat joe net worth

Fat Joe Net Worth

Based on available information, Fat Joe’s net worth is thought to be around $4 million. His recording career has been greatly influenced by his musical accomplishments, particularly with albums such as “Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.).” He’s not just a musician though; Fat Joe has dipped into business too. He started his own clothing line, showing off his knack for entrepreneurship.

Who is Fat Joe?

On August 19, 1970, Joseph Antonio Cartagena, popularly known as Fat Joe, was born in the Bronx, New York. His parents, Ernesto Delgado and Marie Cartagena, are of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent. Although he occasionally posts a family photo on social media, he prefers to keep his family out of the spotlight despite how important they are to him.

Starting off with a crew called Diggin’, Fat Joe soon went solo and made some serious waves in the music scene, teaming up with big names like DJ Khaled and Triple Seis.

His music career took flight with his first solo album, “Represent,” back in ’93, but the real jackpot hit with “Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.)” in 2001. That album scored big time, going platinum with the RIAA and silver with the BPI.

As he grew up, Fat Joe soaked in all the hip-hop vibes, diving into rap, graffiti, and breakdancing. He had a stint in the drug game, earning the nickname Joey Crack, but music was his true love, pulling him back from that life.

 Fat Joe Bio

Fat Joe, born Joseph Antonio Cartagena on August 19, 1970, grew up in The Bronx, New York, with his parents, Marie Cartagena and Ernesto Delgado. Family means the world to him, and he shares that love with his wife, Lorena Cartagena, and their three kids: Azariah, Ryan, and Joey.

In 2012, he faced a tough time with the law due to tax evasion, falling short by over $3 million in payments from 2007 to 2010. The consequences were steep—a $200,000 fine plus IRS penalties. He had to serve four months behind bars, starting from August 26, 2013, till November 28, 2013. Despite his personal struggles, Fat Joe is passionate about supporting the LGBT community and fighting for equal rights.


Stage NameFat Joe / Fat Joe Da Gangsta / Don Cartagena / Joey Crack
Real NameJoseph Antonio Cartagena
OccupationRapper, Songwriter, Actor, Record Executive, Producer, Businessman
Date Of BirthAugust 19, 1970
Age52 Years Old
Place of BirthThe Bronx, New York City
Marital StatusDivorced
EducationMorris High School
Height5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
Net Worth$6 million
Weight90 kg (198.416 pounds)
Eye ColorGreen
Hair TypeBald
Zodiac SignLeo
SpouseLorena Cartagena
Mother NameMarie Cartagena
Father NameErnesto Delgado
SiblingsLynne Clapp
ChildrenRyan Cartagena, Azariah Cartagena, Joey Cartagena
HobbiesFood, Handicraft, Music, Sports, Art


Fat Joe’s earlier years are a bit of a mystery. His school and college details aren’t widely known. Growing up wasn’t easy for him; he had a tough childhood and spent a lot of it trying to keep a low profile. He did attend a school in South Bronx, but specifics about which one remain unclear.

Fat Joe Age

Fat Joe, born on August 19, 1970, clocks in at 52 years old. He’s gained fame as an American rapper. Now, if you’re curious about how tall he is, stick around for that info in the next section. And hey, keep in touch for all the latest updates!

Fat Joe Height

Fat Joe, the renowned American rapper born on August 19, 1970, has made quite a sum from his career. Speaking of his physical stats, he stands at 6 feet tall and weighs around 80 kilograms. If you’re eager to learn more about Fat Joe and his journey, this article covers all the details, so dive in for a full scoop on this talented artist and more.

Fat Joe Nationality

Fat Joe proudly holds American nationality. The nationality of an individual is like a badge of honor, showcasing their achievements that make their nation proud. When someone becomes a star, their nationality becomes a shining part of their identity, naturally sparking curiosity among fans. It’s no wonder people are eager to know about the nationality of their favorite celebrities, adding an extra layer of pride to their accomplishments.

Personal Life: Dating, Girlfriends, Wife, Kids

Fat Joe’s living a content life as a married man with Lorena Cartagena, sharing their home in Miami alongside their three kids.

Once tipping the scales at around 300 pounds back in 1996, Fat Joe grappled with the challenges of his weight, which took a toll on him. However, in 2011, he amazed everyone with an incredible weight loss journey, shedding about 88 pounds. He even made a music video documenting his struggles during this transformation, crediting his success to a strict diet. He said goodbye to bread and rice, and substituted low-carb items like salads and sweet potatoes.

Even though he is not homosexual, Fat Joe has made a strong case for the LGBTQ+ community and believes that having a queer identity should not be a source of shame.

Community work is close to his heart. From donating computers to his school to backing initiatives like youth-focused shops, he’s been actively involved in various projects aimed at helping others.

However, his past paints a different picture. In his younger years, Fat Joe was involved in troubling incidents, including being a bully and facing legal repercussions for assaulting and robbing an older man.

Another chapter in his life involved tax charges amounting to $3 million from 2007 to 2010, leading to a four-month jail sentence due to his actions.

Fat Joe Brother

Family means the world to Fat Joe, and he shares a unique connection with his brother, even though the finer details about him aren’t widely known. Keeping his family close is a top priority for Fat Joe. He values their privacy and opts to shield them from the public spotlight, maintaining a clear boundary between his personal life and his public image.


Fat Joe’s career has been a whirlwind of hits and milestones. Starting out as Fat Joe da Gangsta, he joined the rap crew D.I.T.C. in the early ’90s and signed on with Relativity Records. His debut album, “Represent,” hit the scene in 1993, with the lead single “Flow Joe” skyrocketing to number one on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart.

Continuing the momentum, he dropped his second studio album, “Jealous One’s Envy,” in 1995, hitting number eight on the Hot Rap Tracks chart with the single “Envy.” Then came “Don Cartagena,” his third album, in 1998, which notched impressive positions on The Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip Hop albums and scored a gold certification from the RIAA.

In the midst of his solo success, Fat Joe also introduced his own crew, Terror Squad, and made notable appearances, like featuring on Jennifer Lopez’s track “Feelin’ So Good.” The hits kept rolling with albums like “Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.)” and “Loyalty,” featuring chart-toppers like “We Thuggin’” and collaborations with artists like Lil Wayne.

His discography continued to expand, with albums like “All or Nothing,” “Me, Myself & I,” and “The Elephant in the Room,” showcasing his versatility and collaborations. His ninth studio album, “J.O.S.E. 2,” released in 2009, preceded his announcement of “The Darkside Vol. 1,” marking yet another chapter in his music career. Collaborations with DJ Khaled, singles like “Another Round,” and appearances in videos like “YES” alongside Cardi B and Anuel AA added more layers to his vibrant career.

Joe’s journey didn’t stop there. He kept the fire burning with later releases like “So Excited” and “Attention,” showcasing his enduring impact on the music scene and his knack for staying relevant through collaborations and his own creations.

Fat Joe Achievement

Fat Joe, the American rapper, has quite the impressive resume. He’s scored hit after hit, dropping albums that hit the charts, teamed up with big names in the industry, and even stepped into the acting scene in movies and TV. But beyond the spotlight, he’s also big on giving back, diving into philanthropy and lending a hand in community outreach programs.

Fat Joe Awards

The American rapper Fat Joe has had a good number of nominations for awards. He’s been considered for several awards, including BET and MTV Video Music Awards, Grammy nominations, and more. Not only has he received nominations but also some noteworthy victories. From ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards to BET Hip Hop Awards and Latin Urban Music Awards, his trophy shelf tells a tale of his talent and recognition in the music scene.

How Did Fat Joe Get Famous?

Fat Joe’s rise in the music world is a tale of determination and hard work. He started rapping early, eventually becoming the head honcho at Terror Squad Entertainment.

His tracks like “What’s Luv?” with Ashanti and the banger “Lean Back” propelled him to stardom. Fat Joe’s lyrics hit deep, speaking to real-life stories that resonated with fans everywhere, earning him a place among hip hop’s cherished artists.

But he’s more than just a musician. Fat Joe’s fashion sense became legendary—he made baggy jeans and a fitted cap his trademark style, even launching his own clothing line thanks to Rocawear Clothing Company. And if that wasn’t enough, he performed with well-known actors like Robin Williams in movies like Happy Feet Two.

Joseph Antonio Cartagena, also known as Fat Joe, has left a lasting impression on popular culture throughout his more than two decades in the game. His name is inscribed in history books due to his unwavering commitment and hard work.

Fat Joe Nationality and Ethnicity

Fat Joe’s roots run deep in his Latin heritage, influencing every facet of his life as an artist, actor, and entrepreneur.

He’s used his background to paint his own canvas, infusing his music and vibrant style choices with his Latin essence. Whether he’s rocking the stage at local venues or crafting trendy clothing lines, Fat Joe sees his heritage as a platform to showcase his genuine self to the world.

His collaborations across borders and his knack for languages are all part of his authentic celebration of his culture. For Fat Joe, staying true to his roots is a way of life—a colorful thread woven through every aspect of his journey.

Is Fat Joe Gay?

Fat Joe is married and has three kids, so the idea that he might be gay just doesn’t match up with his life. Yet, despite not being gay himself, he’s been a huge supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. To him, someone’s sexual orientation doesn’t define them; he believes everyone should feel free to be themselves and live their lives without judgment.

Social Media

Fat Joe’s no stranger to social media. He hopped onto Twitter back in March 2009 and has gathered a hefty following of 963.6K on his @fatjoe handle. On Instagram, you can find him as @fatjoe, boasting a massive fanbase of over 4.9 million followers as of May 2022.

His presence isn’t limited to just Twitter and Instagram—on Facebook, he’s got quite the following too, with over 3.6 million fans keeping up with him on his profile.

Fat Joe Net Worth Facts:

  • Full Name: Joseph Antonio Cartagena, known as Fat Joe
  • Birthdate: August 19, 1970
  • Birthplace: The Bronx, New York City
  • Occupation: Rapper, Songwriter, Actor, Record Executive, Producer, Businessman
  • Education: Attended school in South Bronx, specific details unknown
  • Marital Status: Divorced, with three children
  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
  • Weight: Around 90 kg (198.416 pounds)
  • Net Worth: Estimated at $4-6 million
  • Notable Albums: “Represent,” “Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.),” “Don Cartagena”


Fat Joe, born Joseph Antonio Cartagena, emerged as a prominent figure in the music industry, especially in the rap genre. Starting with the crew Diggin’, he embarked on a solo career and gained significant recognition with albums like “Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.).”

Beyond music, Fat Joe ventured into entrepreneurship with a clothing line. His personal life, including his marriage to Lorena Cartagena and his dedication to his three children, reflects his value for family. He underwent a transformative weight loss journey and is an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

However, his past also includes legal issues, such as a prison sentence due to tax evasion. Despite challenges, he remains committed to community work and philanthropy.

FAQs about Fat Joe:

1. What is Fat Joe’s net worth?

Fat Joe’s estimated net worth ranges between $4-6 million.

2. How tall is Fat Joe?

Fat Joe stands at 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) tall.

3. What is Fat Joe’s nationality?

He holds American nationality and was born in The Bronx, New York City.

4. Is Fat Joe married?

Fat Joe is divorced and has three children with Lorena Cartagena.

5. What were Fat Joe’s notable albums?

His prominent albums include “Represent,” “Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.),” and “Don Cartagena.”

6. Did Fat Joe face legal issues?

Yes, he encountered legal trouble, including tax evasion leading to a prison sentence.

7. Is Fat Joe an advocate for any cause?

Fat Joe supports the LGBTQ+ community and engages in community outreach and philanthropy.

8. What is Fat Joe’s profession apart from music?

Alongside his music career, Fat Joe has ventured into acting, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.

9. What’s unique about Fat Joe’s heritage and how does it influence him?

His Latin heritage significantly influences his music, style, and overall persona, celebrating his cultural roots.

10. Is Fat Joe involved in social media?

Yes, he actively engages with fans on Twitter (@fatjoe), Instagram (@fatjoe), and Facebook, maintaining a substantial following across these platforms.

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