Isaac Arellanes Age His Height, Girlfriend, Parents, Biography, Net Worth

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Isaac Arellanes Age
Isaac Arellanes Age

Isaac Arellanes Age

Isaac Arellanes was born on February 24, 2005, and at the young age of 18, he is already establishing himself in the entertainment world. His most well-known role was in the hit Apple TV series “Ghostwriter,” which was a contemporary adaptation of the cherished PBS series from the 1990s and starred Ruben Reyna. Isaac’s performance has received high appreciation, so it’s hardly surprising that he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award. What’s even more awesome? He raises awareness of diversity in Hollywood as the first Native American to receive a nomination in this category.

Who is Isaac Arellanes

Isaac Arellances is not just your average Joe; he’s a gamer and a renowned American actor hailing from the Hopi tribe. His journey into the limelight began with his debut on camera in the series “The Night Shift,” but it was his standout performance in “My Life with the Walter Boys” that truly catapulted him to fame

Beyond his acting prowess, Isaac’s Wiki page provides an abundance of life-related information, including specifics on his height, age, nationality, relationships, parents, career path, net worth, and an intriguing history. The place to go if you’re keen to learn more about the varied lives of this fascinating individual is Isaac Arellances’ Wikipedia.

Isaac Arellanes Net Worth in 2024

Isaac Arellanes has made a considerable sum through his work as a TV actor. Because of his success in this industry, he now has more options to make money through brand endorsements, sponsorships, and TV ads. Nevertheless, specifics regarding his actual net worth are still being investigated. Once the review process is complete, all information regarding Isaac Arellanes’s net worth will be updated accordingly. Based on our analysis so far, it’s estimated to be around $3 million.

Isaac Arellanes Biography

Isaac Arellanes, a vibrant 18-year-old as of 2024, delved into the world of acting at the renowned Los Angeles Film Academy. Amidst honing his craft, he discovered a profound connection to his Native American roots and traditions.

Raised by his parents, Daniel and Kiona, Isaac was instilled with a deep appreciation for his cultural heritage and a profound respect for nature. With a mixed heritage of Latino and Hopi descent, he embodies the rich tapestry of his ancestry.

Within his family, Isaac shares a special bond with his sister, Keilani, and his brother, Israel. Together, they navigate the complexities of identity and heritage, enriching their lives with a blend of tradition and modernity.


NameIsaac Gabriel Arellanes
Date of BirthFebruary 24, 2005
Place of BirthPhoenix, Arizona, United States
EthnicityHopi and Latino
ParentsKiona Arellanes and Daniel Arellanes
SiblingsIsrael Arellanes, Keilani Arellanes, and Isaiah Arellanes
Height5′ 10½″ (1.79 m)
Social MediaInstagram: @aboutisaac
Facebook: @official.IsaacArellanes
Twitter: @IsaacArellanes_

Family Background and Education

Isaac Gabriel Arellanes came into the world on February 24, 2005, right in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. He’s got this cool mix of Hopi and Latino roots, proudly belonging to the Coyote Clan. Now, his mom’s side hails from Hotevilla, a tight-knit village sitting pretty on Third Mesa of the Hopi reservation.

Isaac’s got some awesome siblings by his side too. There’s his brother, Israel, his sister, Keilani, and then his half-brother, Isaiah, rounding out the crew.

From a young age, Isaac was all about acting. He just had that spark, you know? So, off he went to the Los Angeles Film Academy to dive deep into his passion. But he’s not only about that. Isaac has some amazing dancing talents, and he’s not averse to showcasing them in contests. And did I also mention that he’s an expert skateboarder? Yes, you will frequently witness him tearing around the streets and doing jaw-dropping stunts.

When he’s not occupied with all of that, you can probably find him playing video games. Being a huge game enthusiast, Isaac has his own little spot on the internet called Twitch where he shares his exploits with the world. There is no denying Guy’s brilliance.

Personal Life and Girlfriend

Isaac is currently flying solo, pouring his heart and soul into his career. He’s not just about chasing success though; family means the world to him. You’ll often catch him sharing snaps with his loved ones on social media, showcasing that tight bond they share.

Beyond his family, Isaac’s heart beats for his roots. He’s a staunch advocate for his native communities, rolling up his sleeves to volunteer for his family’s non-profit, Hopi Relief. Their mission? offering assistance to the Hopi people within the difficult COVID-19 epidemic circumstances. Not only does Isaac speak the talk, but he also acts on it, changing things in the most important ways.

Acting Career

Isaac’s acting journey kicked off in 2017 with a nerve-wracking yet exciting debut as Angel on the NBC show, The Night Shift. From there, he dove into the Halloween spirit with a starring role in the Syfy horror film, Cucuy: The Boogeyman.

As Daniel, a teenager traversing the turbulent adolescent years, on HBO’s Euphoria in 2019, Isaac was engrossed in the drama of puberty. It was an enjoyable and demanding experience, especially working with such gifted co-stars as Hunter Schafer and Zendaya.

However, it was his role as Ruben Reyna in Ghostwriter that truly defined Isaac’s career. It was an honor to bring to life an inventive and creative character in the contemporary retelling of a well-loved children’s book series. The popularity of the show—which included three Daytime Emmy Awards—was evidence of Isaac’s skill.

Isaac landed a touching part in the Blue Miracle Netflix movie in 2021. Isaac was able to demonstrate his range as an actor by taking on the role of Wiki, one of the orphans setting off on a mission to preserve their home. The film’s poignant tale struck a deep chord with viewers, solidifying Isaac’s standing in the business.

How was Isaac Arellanes early life?

Arellanes made the decision to pursue his acting career in 2014. He began going to auditions in an attempt to launch a profession. The pivotal moment occurred in 2017 when he was cast as Angel in the television series “Night Shift”. After that, things started to go better for him. However, it was his incredible performance in “Ghostwriter” that really made him a household name.

“Ghostwriter” immediately won over many people’s hearts when it debuted on Apple TV+ in 2019, especially among younger viewers. As the gifted writer at the center of the story, Ruben Reyna, Arellanes excelled in his role. His portrayal was not just convincing but also deeply engaging, earning him even more recognition and admiration from fans.

Childhood Dreams

Isaac was totally hooked on the idea of becoming an actor ever since he was knee-high. Every time you caught him talking about movies, you could see this sparkle in his eyes—it was like he was born to be on the big screen. Thankfully, his parents were the supportive type, so they decided to give him a leg up by sending him to the Los Angeles Film Academy.

Now, when it comes to his schooling, there’s not much to tell. Some folks reckon he might’ve been homeschooled early on, but who knows? These days, Isaac’s juggling the typical middle school stuff alongside building his presence on social media. It’s a bit of a balancing act, but he’s managing to keep his grades up while he chases his dream of acting.

The thing with Isaac, though, is that he’s not all about the flash and glamour. Even as he advances in Hollywood, he has a strong desire to learn new things and never stops.

How tall is Isaac Arellanes?

You know that guy who’s insanely good at gaming? Yeah, that’s him. But he’s not just about conquering virtual worlds—he also shares his gaming adventures on his Twitch channel, covenantsog, where he’s got a solid fan base of over 300 subscribers. And get this, he’s not a one-trick pony either. When he’s not gaming, you might catch him shredding on a skateboard or busting some moves in dance competitions.

Oh, and did I mention he’s got some acting chops too? His debut on screen was in the TV show The Night Shift. His name’s Isaac Arellanes, and he’s making waves as a TV actor born right here in the good ol’ USA. Standing at around 5 feet 9 inches tall, he’s not just killing it on screen and in the gaming world, but he’s also quite literally towering over his competition.

Is Isaac Arellanes in a Relationship?

 Isaac Arellanes, the rising star everyone’s talking about, is making quite the splash in Hollywood. And guess what? He’s on his own when it comes to romance at the moment. Despite what you would see on his Instagram, where he often shares pictures of himself hanging out with his female friends, rumors have it that he isn’t seeing anybody right now.

However, when Isaac isn’t dazzling crowds with his acting prowess, he’s enjoying life to the fullest. He’ll be destroying the skate park and breaking out on the dance floor. These pastimes satisfy his spirit of adventure and keep him in shape.

And here’s a cool tidbit: Isaac’s a total gamer! Nothing is more enjoyable to him than lounging back and playing video games on Twitch. It’s how he connects with his supporters and showcases his abilities.

In summary, Isaac Arellanes is a gifted and gregarious individual with a promising future. Thus, if you’re a fan, continue to show him your love and support and keep a look out for his next major endeavor!


Isaac Arellanes, a talented American actor of Hopi and Latino descent, has quickly risen to fame in the entertainment industry. He gained recognition for his role in the Apple TV series “Ghostwriter,” where he portrayed Ruben Reyna. Isaac’s performance earned him a Daytime Emmy Award nomination, marking a significant milestone as the first Native American to receive such recognition in this category. Beyond acting, Isaac is also known for his gaming skills, dance talent, and skateboarding prowess. He is passionate about his cultural heritage and actively advocates for Native communities.


How old is Isaac Arellanes?

Isaac Arellanes was born on February 24, 2005, making him 18 years old as of February 2024.

What is Isaac Arellanes’ ethnicity?

Isaac Arellanes is of Hopi and Latino descent, proudly belonging to the Coyote Clan.

What are Isaac Arellanes’ notable roles?

Isaac’s most notable roles include Ruben Reyna in the Apple TV series “Ghostwriter” and Daniel in HBO’s “Euphoria.”

Is Isaac Arellanes in a relationship?

As of now, Isaac Arellanes is single. Despite rumors, he is not currently dating anyone and is focused on his career.

What other interests does Isaac Arellanes have?

Apart from acting, Isaac is passionate about gaming, skateboarding, and dancing. He shares his gaming adventures on Twitch and actively engages with his supporters.

What awards has Isaac Arellanes been nominated for?

Isaac received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for his role in “Ghostwriter,” marking a significant achievement in his career.

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