Kristen Stewart Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Education, Persona life, Height, Boyfriend, Career And More

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kristen stewart net worth
kristen stewart net worth

Kristen Stewart Net Worth

Kristen Stewart’s financial trajectory has been extremely outstanding; by 2023, her predicted net worth will be approximately $70 million. Her incredible film career, particularly her legendary role as Bella Swan in the Twilight series, is largely responsible for her wealth.

Kristen’s salary for the first movie in the Twilight universe was a meager $2 million. However, when the series took off, so did her income. She was apparently earning an astounding $25 million for each of the past two films, demonstrating how important she was to the series’ enormous success.

We’re not sure how much she made specifically for her role as Princess Diana in “Spencer,” but considering how successful Twilight was, it’s likely that she took home a sizable salary. The amount of money Kristen Stewart has amassed is a true reflection of her talent and the admiration she has in the entertainment industry.


Who is Kristen Stewart?

Kristen Stewart has been in the acting game in the US since ’99. Her breakout came early, at just 12, playing Jodie Foster’s daughter in “Panic Room” back in 2002, snagging her a Young Artists Award.

In 2012, she owned the title of highest-paid actress globally. She’s got some unique feats too—being the only American actress to score both a Bafta Award and a Cesar Award. She’s also been up for a Screen Guild Award. Kristen Stewart’s journey in the industry is definitely worth a closer look.

Kristen Stewart Biography / Wiki

Born on April 9, 1990, in LA, Kristen Stewart comes from a family deep-rooted in showbiz. Her dad, John Stewart, knows the ropes as a stage manager and TV producer, clocking in at Fox and @Midnight. Her mom, Jules Mann-Stewart, is a script supervisor who even directed a film back in 2012 called K-11. Kristen’s got a pair of sisters, Taylor and Dana, and a brother named Cameron.

Now 31, Kristen grew up in the City of Angels, soaking in the buzz of the entertainment world. She’s a Christian and proudly holds American citizenship. School-wise, she kicked off at a local spot but switched to distance learning for high school before wrapping up at California University. With family ties in the film biz, movies and TV were common topics at home, fueling Kristen’s passion for dancing and acting from an early age. Education sometimes took a backseat because of her love for the arts, diving headfirst into competitions and honing her craft.

Her dad had his sights set on her becoming a director, but Kristen had her heart set on acting. She never stopped practicing, following her dreams despite the initial plan, making her mark in the world of acting.

Profession / OccupationActress
Real NameKristen Jaymes Stewart
Nick NameStewart
Date Of BirthApril 9, 1990
Age32 years, as of 2023
BirthdayApril 9
EthnicityUpdate Soon
Home TownLos Angeles
SchoolArthur E. Wright Middle School, Laurel Springs School
College / UniversityUniversity of California
Zodiac Sign / HoroscopeAries
DebutPanic Room – 2002
Famous For“Best Actress”


Until seventh grade, Kristen went to local schools. But as her love for acting grew stronger, she switched to distance learning for high school. Acting was Kristen’s passion from the get-go, and following that passion turned out to be the game-changer that shaped her entire life.

Personal life

Living in Los Angeles, Kristen Stewart has been open about her sexuality, identifying as bisexual and emphasizing that it’s not confusing at all. She’s stood up against pressures in the industry, refusing to hide her relationships for the sake of landing mainstream roles. Her commitment to feminism is clear, but interestingly, she has a fear of horses.

In the romance department, Stewart has had quite a journey. From dating Anton Yelchin during “Fierce People” and describing him as her first heartbreak, to a relationship with Michael Angarano, and then the much-publicized four-year romance with Robert Pattinson from the Twilight series. There was a highly publicized incident involving her affair with Rupert Sanders, her director in “Snow White and the Huntsman,” which led to public apologies from both parties. Afterward, she dated visual effects producer Alicia Cargile, followed by a relationship with model Stella Maxwell. Currently, she’s engaged to screenwriter Dylan Meyer, with whom she’s been since 2019.

Beyond her personal life, Stewart’s philanthropic efforts shine. She donated her dress from a Twilight premiere to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief, raised funds for the cause by meeting a “Middle Eastern prince,” and even helped build a school in Nicaragua with the aim of breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

Recognized for her style and influence, Stewart’s been lauded as one of the best-dressed women and ranked on AskMen’s list of “Top 99 Women.” Her journey has seen highs and lows, but her advocacy, authenticity, and dedication to causes close to her heart remain truly commendable.

Kristen Stewart’s Height and Weight

Kristen Stewart’s roles come with the added touch of her impressive height—she stands at 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm and weighs around 119 pounds or 52 kg.

She does justice to her naturally slender figure. In a chat with Vogue, Kristen shared that her family’s body type has blessed her, freeing her from needing a strict diet. When it comes to staying active, she leans towards things like running, fencing, and other activities that just feel right for her.

Kristen Stewart Boyfriend, Husband, Family & More

Kristen Stewart’s parents, John and Jules Mann-Stewart, are both deeply involved in the entertainment world—her dad, John, as a stage manager and TV producer, and her mom, Jules, as a script supervisor and director.

Alongside her parents, Kristen has a close-knit family, with two sisters named Taylor and Dana, plus a brother named Cameron. While she’s yet to walk down the aisle, Kristen is currently engaged to her boyfriend, Dylan Meyer. Her dating history has included relationships with a few familiar faces in the celebrity world, such as Michael Angarano, Robert Pattinson, Rupert Sanders, Alicia Cargile, SoKo, Stella Maxwell, Sara Dinkin, and now, Dylan.

Father NameJohn Stewart
Mother NameJules Mann-Stewart
Brother NameCameron Stewart
Sister NameTaylor Stewart, Dana Stewart
GirlfriendDylan Meyer (Fiancée), Alicia Cargile (Ex), SoKo (Ex), Stella Maxwell (Ex), Sara Dinkin (Ex)
BoyfriendMichael Angarano (Ex), Robert Pattinson (Ex), Rupert Sanders (Ex)
Marital StatusUnmarried

Kristen Stewart Career

Kristen Stewart’s love for movies and dance ignited when she was just a kid, and she took the plunge into acting at the young age of 8. Her very first performance was in a school Christmas play, but the real magic happened when an agent caught sight of her talent and praised her skills.

After a year of auditions, she scored her debut role in the Disney Channel flick “The Thirteenth Year,” even though it was a non-speaking part. That’s what kickstarted her journey in the acting world.

Her early gigs included roles like ‘Ring Toss Girl’ in “Viva Rock Vegas” and playing a tomboy’s daughter in another film. But her breakthrough came in 2002 with “Panic Room,” directed by David Fincher, which earned her a Young Artists Award. From then on, she continued to carve her path in the film industry, gracing the screen in various roles up until 2021.

Kristen’s Rise to Fame

Growing up with a dad in stage management and TV production and a mom skilled in script supervision and directing, Kristen was practically raised in the film world. Her journey began when she was just eight, caught in the spotlight during an elementary school play, catching the eye of an agent who saw her potential.

Starting with small TV roles, her breakthrough arrived in 2001 with ‘The Safety of Objects.’ From there, Kristen leaped into major films like ‘Twilight,’ ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ ‘Underwater,’ and even made appearances in several music videos, solidifying her place in the entertainment scene.

Summary of Kristen Stewart’s Net Worth:

Kristen Stewart, born on April 9, 1990, in Los Angeles, has had a stellar career in acting since her breakout role in “Panic Room” at the age of 12. Her journey to fame accelerated with her iconic role as Bella Swan in the “Twilight” series, which significantly contributed to her financial success.

Despite starting with a modest salary of $2 million for the first “Twilight” movie, her earnings soared with the franchise’s success. By 2023, her predicted net worth reached an estimated $70 million. Stewart’s versatility and talent have propelled her through various roles, and her commitment to her craft earned her recognition, including awards like a Bafta and a Cesar Award.

Her success isn’t limited to the Twilight series; Stewart’s dedication to her roles, including her portrayal of Princess Diana in “Spencer,” likely added substantially to her earnings. Beyond her acting career, Stewart is known for her advocacy, philanthropy, and commitment to authenticity in an industry where she’s navigated public relationships and stood up for causes close to her heart.

FAQs about Kristen Stewart’s Net Worth:

1. What contributed most to Kristen Stewart’s net worth?

Stewart’s breakthrough role as Bella Swan in the “Twilight” series significantly boosted her earnings. Despite starting with a modest salary, the immense success of the franchise led to substantial increases in her pay, with estimations of $25 million per film for the last two movies.

2. How much is Kristen Stewart worth?

By 2023, Kristen Stewart’s estimated net worth is around $70 million, largely due to her successful acting career, especially her role in the Twilight series.

3. Apart from Twilight, what other roles contributed to Kristen Stewart’s net worth?

Stewart’s portrayal of Princess Diana in “Spencer” likely added to her earnings, although specific figures are not publicly disclosed. Her dedication to her craft and versatility in various roles have contributed significantly to her financial success.

4. What are Kristen Stewart’s notable achievements in the entertainment industry?

Stewart is known for being the only American actress to have both a Bafta and a Cesar Award. Her career, marked by versatility and dedication, has earned her nominations and accolades, showcasing her talent and impact in the entertainment world.

5. What philanthropic efforts has Kristen Stewart been involved in?

Stewart has been involved in various philanthropic endeavors, including donating her dress from a Twilight premiere to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, fundraising for causes, and contributing to building a school in Nicaragua to break the cycle of poverty through education. Her commitment to causes she believes in is notable alongside her acting career.

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