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tait blum
tait blum

Tait Blum is a talented American actor who gained recognition for his role as Connor Payton in the 2022 sports comedy film “Home Team.” He has also made a name for himself through appearances in various TV shows, such as “Team Kaylie,” “For All Mankind,” “Cousins for Life,” and more.

His acting journey began in 2018 when he portrayed Young Bob Lee in the action series “Shooter.” That same year, he showcased his skills as Young Antolak in the TV series documentary “Medal of Honor.” Blum’s diverse roles in both film and television have established him as a promising actor in the entertainment industry.

Who is Tait Blum?

Tait Blum is a well-known actor and TV personality in the entertainment industry. At the tender age of seven, he began his profession in entertainment—quite an early start for someone his age. In addition to his work in film and television, he has graced several commercials and brand advertisements, demonstrating his versatility in the field.

In addition to his acting assignments, Tait has worked with a number of US talent agencies, demonstrating his commitment to his trade. Moreover, he has taken on modeling assignments for numerous popular brands, further expanding his presence in the world of fashion and endorsements.

Some of his notable projects include “Team Kaylie,” “Wish Upon a Unicorn,” “Cousins for Life,” and others, solidifying his reputation as a multifaceted talent in the entertainment sphere.

Tait Blum Bio

In the realm of prodigious young talents, we encounter Tait Blum, an extraordinary luminary born on the 31st of March in 2011, which makes him a mere decade old. This American sensation defies the norms of a typical ten-year-old, donning various hats and demonstrating prowess as an actor, model, television personality, social media influencer, and even venturing into entrepreneurship on American soil.

What bewilders the beholder is Tait’s initiation into the world of entertainment at the tender age of seven. His inaugural foray occurred in the year 2018 with the television series “Shooter,” wherein he assumed the role of Young Bob Lee. This marked only the commencement of his illustrious career. Tait has since been cast in numerous other television productions and graced the Red Carpet Report as a guest.

Beyond the confines of television, Tait exhibits his mettle in the domain of modeling, underscoring his versatility within the industry. He isn’t a one-dimensional talent but rather a polymath, casting ripples across diverse disciplines.

Tait’s watershed moment materialized in January of 2022 when he garnered widespread acclaim for his portrayal of Connor in the cinematic creation “Home Team.” The future of this budding star shines resplendently, promising a plethora of remarkable achievements. If your curiosity extends to Tait Blum’s age, lineage, professional journey, financial standing, interpersonal connections, filmography, stature, or simply intriguing tidbits about him, you’ve arrived at the ideal destination to satiate your inquisitiveness.

Tait Blum Wiki

American parents welcomed Tait Blum into the world on March 31, 2006; he was raised in California. Aries is his zodiac sign, and he goes as Tait with his friends and family. Tait is still a young adolescent and is working towards finishing high school. What’s fascinating is that he manages his studies through online schooling while simultaneously pursuing his acting career in TV series and movies.

Tait’s ethnic background is a blend of different cultures, although information about his parents isn’t readily available. However, it’s evident that his parents always encouraged him along the way and saw his talent for performing at a young age.

Tait’s brother, Teddy Blum, is younger and has also gained notoriety in the acting field by appearing in films such as “Klaus” and “Big Little Lies.”

As Tait is still in his adolescent years, no marriage-related news has surfaced. In the relationship department, he’s currently single, dedicating his energy and focus to building his acting career. It’s clear that he’s determined to make a mark in the entertainment industry, and his future certainly holds much promise.

Real NameTait Blum
Cool NameTait
Trending forHome Team (Role: Connor)
Age16 years old
Birth DateMarch 31, 2006
Birth PlaceNapa, California
Birth SignAries
– ParentsMother: Heather Blum
Father: Todd Blum
– PaternalGrandfather: Roger Blum
SiblingsBrother: Teddy Blum
Body Measurements
– EyesBrown
– HairLight Brown
– WeightPounds: 114 lbs
Kg: 52
– HeightIn feet: 5′ 6″
In centimeters: 167 cm
In meters: 1.67 m
– Martial ArtBrazilian jiu-jitsu
– SpecialGo Kart Racing
Follow Tait on
– InstagramInstagram Profile
– QualificationPursuing high school

Tait Blum Education

Tait Blum successfully completed their high school education with an impressive academic record at the university level.

Tait Blum Age 

Hailing from the heartland of the United States, Tait Blum, born on the 31st day of March in 2011, currently finds himself in the midst of his twelfth year on this planet. Awaiting the arrival of his birthday with unwavering enthusiasm, Tait’s deep-rooted connection to the United States is widely documented in various media outlets.

His parents, instrumental in nurturing his dreams, have notably stoked the flames of his fervent ambition to embark on a career as an actor, a passion that has been ingrained in him since his formative years. Remarkably, Tait’s initiation into the realms of showbiz commenced at a tender age of five when reports indicate he commenced auditioning for roles in commercials.

Evidently dedicated to his scholastic pursuits, Tait presently finds himself enrolled in a local high school, tirelessly striving towards his impending high school commencement. It’s nothing short of extraordinary how he adeptly manages to harmonize his educational endeavors with his burgeoning entertainment and acting profession, a testament to his unwavering commitment and ardor for both facets of his life.

Tait Blum Height & Weight

Tait Blum’s stature reaches around 5 feet and 6 inches, which is approximately 1.67 meters or 167 centimeters. As for his weight, he’s been noted to be around 114 pounds, equivalent to 52 kilograms. However, detailed body measurements and other specific information about his physique are currently not readily accessible.

Personal Life

In the realm of age, Tait Blum is undeniably youthful, and to the best of our knowledge, he has not embarked on any romantic entanglements up to this juncture in his existence. Nevertheless, he has been graced with the opportunity to collaborate with a plethora of gifted actresses throughout his professional journey. One distinguished instance includes his on-screen companionship with the actress Summer Fontana, as they shared the limelight in the cinematic creation titled “Desire Amidst the Enchanted Equine.”

In conjunction with his occupational liaisons, Tait cultivates a distinctive rapport with the actress Sophia Hammons. This amicable camaraderie manifests itself prominently through the myriad photographic mementos he has shared on his Instagram profile. It is conspicuously evident that he derives pleasure from revelry alongside his fellow stars, both within and beyond the confines of the motion picture locales, often partaking in jovial interludes during their collaborative endeavors. Tait’s vivacious and effervescent demeanor radiates resplendently within the ambits of these convivial interactions.

Tait Blum Family Details 

Tait Blum is the eldest child in his family, despite his preference to keep his parents’ names and identities private. Nevertheless, it’s clear that his parents have supported him the most throughout his entertainment career. Since he was a little child, Tait has been able to make his parents quite proud of his accomplishments.

Our investigation suggests that Tait’s mother has adopted the role of a housewife, while his father is an American businessman. Without a doubt, Tait’s success has been greatly influenced by their encouragement and support.

Tait comes from a family that includes Teddy Blum, a younger sibling who has also dabbled in acting. Even better, the two brothers enjoyed collaborating on the television show “For All Mankind.” Their enjoyment of playing together with their pals and their professional cooperation both demonstrate their deep sibling bond. The touching closeness of this family is evident.

Family MemberName
FatherMr. Blum
MotherMrs. Blum
BrotherTeddy Blum
SisterNot Known


Tait Blum embarked on his acting journey at a remarkably young age, and his parents played a pivotal role in nurturing his talent and helping him build a promising acting career. He began by auditioning and landing roles in commercials, which provided him with valuable early experience.

In 2018, Tait made his television debut in the series “Shooter.” What’s amusing is that in all three series that year, his roles had ‘Young’ attached to them, showcasing his youthful charm and acting skills.

The following year, he continued to impress with roles in three TV series: “Cousins for Life,” “For All Mankind,” and “Team Kaylie.” These appearances further solidified his popularity in the industry.

The year 2020 brought a slightly quieter period for Tait, with just one series, “Wish Upon a Unicorn,” to his name. The pandemic had temporarily halted his appearances in movies and series.

However, the pause didn’t last long. Tait made a triumphant comeback with his debut movie, “Home Team.” It’s remarkable to note that he’s been actively pursuing his acting career for over four years, and it’s just the beginning of what promises to be a wonderful and enduring journey in the world of entertainment.

Tait Blum’s Movies & TV Shows

Tait Blum’s journey in the entertainment world started at an incredibly young age, as indicated by his IMDb profile. His initial foray included work in commercials and modeling, where he quickly gained recognition. Tait’s talent caught the eye of renowned talent agencies in the United States, further affirming his potential in the industry.

As he gained experience and honed his skills, Tait ventured into auditions for both movies and television shows. His natural abilities shone through, earning him the role of Young Bob Lee in the TV series “Shooter.”

Tait’s journey didn’t stop there. He went on to work in various films and television series, including “Medal of Honor,” “Titans,” “Cousins for Life,” “For All Mankind,” and more. However, his true breakthrough moment arrived when he secured the role of Connor in Netflix’s film “Home Team.” In this project, he had the opportunity to share the screen with notable co-stars such as Kevin James, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider, Chloe Fineman, and others.

Currently, Tait Blum is hard at work on his upcoming projects, promising even more exciting developments in his already remarkable career.

Tait Blum Net Worth

Tait Blum’s estimated net worth stands at around $300,000. His main avenues of income are acting and modeling. Acting is his primary profession, and it serves as his primary source of income. His roles in movies and series bring in a substantial income, thanks to agreements with production companies.

Additionally, Tait also participates in commercials, which contributes significantly to his earnings. These commercial gigs are known to be quite lucrative. While it’s possible he has other income sources, there’s no concrete data available regarding these additional avenues at the moment.


Tait Blum, being a young and innocent kid, has managed to steer clear of any issues that could potentially stir up rumors or controversies.

Tait Blum Girlfriend, Relationships & Current Partner

When it comes to his personal life, Tait Blum is currently flying solo on the relationship front. He’s not romantically involved with anyone at the moment, as he appears to be laser-focused on carving out a successful career for himself. Despite sharing the screen with numerous talented female actors, there’s no official girlfriend to speak of.

In terms of physical attributes, Tait Blum stands at a height of 4 feet and 5 inches, and he carries a weight of approximately 40 kilograms. His striking features include captivating blue eyes and dark brown hair. Because of his appealing appearance and camera-friendly demeanour, Tait is a good fit for his job in the entertainment sector.

While Tait Blum’s family, career in movies, and other interests are covered in great length, it’s crucial to remember that some material is restricted for privacy, including his social media accounts and contact information. Even still, Tait’s admirers and the entertainment industry are still fascinated by his unquestionable skill and bright future.

Tait Blum Social Media

In the realm of social media, Tait Blum is an extraordinarily active presence, prominently gracing platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. His ardor for connecting with his fan base is palpable through the sharing of evocative images and videos, providing a nuanced perspective into the tapestry of his life and engagements. With an Instagram following numbering an impressive 45.9K, Tait has unmistakably ascended to the echelons of social media stardom, presiding over a substantial and ardently engaged admirer base.

In the current year of 2023, the fiscal eminence of Tait Blum has surged to a remarkable $1.5 million, a resounding testament to his burgeoning triumph and veneration within the domain of entertainment. His odyssey is one that is vigilantly shadowed and eulogized by a multitude of devotees within the realm of social media.


Tait Blum, a talented young American actor, began his career at the age of seven and has since made a name for himself in both film and television. Notable for his role in the 2022 sports comedy film “Home Team,” he has also appeared in TV shows like “Team Kaylie,” “For All Mankind,” and “Cousins for Life.” This article provides insights into Tait Blum’s life, career, family, and achievements, shedding light on his rapid rise in the entertainment world.


  • Tait Blum was born on March 31, 2006, making him 16 years old as of the current date.
  • He hails from Napa, California, and holds American nationality.
  • Tait’s parents, Heather Blum and Todd Blum, have been supportive of his career from a young age.
  • He has a younger brother, Teddy Blum, who is also involved in the acting industry.
  • Tait Blum has a significant presence on Instagram, with over 45.9K followers.
  • In addition to acting, Tait has tried his hand at modeling for popular brands.
  • He is involved in martial arts, particularly Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
  • Tait Blum enjoys Go Kart racing as a special skill and hobby.
  • He started his acting journey with commercials and modeling before moving into television and film.
  • Tait’s breakout role was as Connor in the 2022 film “Home Team,” which brought him widespread recognition.
  • He has worked with several renowned talent agencies in the United States.
  • Tait’s versatility as an actor is evident in his roles, which include “Young Bob Lee” in the series “Shooter.”
  • Throughout his career, he has maintained a strong bond with fellow actors, such as Summer Fontana and Sophia Hammons.
  • Tait Blum’s estimated net worth is approximately $300,000.
  • He is currently single and focused on his acting career.
  • Tait Blum stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) and weighs around 114 pounds (52 kg).
  • His striking features include brown eyes and light brown hair.
  • Tait continues to work on various film and television projects, promising a bright future in the entertainment industry.
  • His social media presence and engagement have contributed to his growing popularity.
  • Tait Blum’s success and admirer base have significantly expanded, with his net worth reaching $1.5 million in 2023.


What is Tait Blum’s age?

Tait Blum was born on March 31, 2006, and he is currently 16 years old.

Where is Tait Blum from?

Tait Blum hails from Napa, California, and is an American by nationality.

Does Tait Blum have any siblings?

Yes, he has a younger brother named Teddy Blum, who is also involved in acting.

What is Tait Blum’s net worth?

Tait Blum’s estimated net worth is approximately $300,000, and it reached $1.5 million in 2023.

What is Tait Blum’s breakthrough role?

Tait Blum gained widespread recognition for his role as Connor in the 2022 film “Home Team.”

What are Tait Blum’s special skills?

Tait Blum is skilled in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and enjoys Go Kart racing as a hobby.

Is Tait Blum in a relationship?

As of now, Tait Blum is single and focused on his acting career.

What is Tait Blum’s height and weight?

Tait Blum is 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) tall and weighs approximately 114 pounds (52 kg).

What is Tait Blum’s primary source of income?

Tait Blum’s main source of income is acting, with modeling and commercial work contributing as well.

In which film did Tait Blum act alongside Kevin James and Taylor Lautner?

Tait Blum acted alongside Kevin James and Taylor Lautner in the film “Home Team.”

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